Our Business

Welcome to Falcon Financial Management the premiere independent investment advisory firm.

Our business is in making our clients prosper.

We utilize the latest trading technology, paired with years of experience, to weigh risk with reward and provide our clients with profitable advice that takes their investment portfolio to the next level.

Being independent is important to Falcon Financial Management because we know that any advice we offer; on any financial instrument, be it funds, equities or bonds, needs to be as accurate and as time sensitive as possible. Our clients rely on us to be forthright and earnest about each and every opportunity without glossing over the key reasons behind the recommendation.

We achieve this by maintaining a broad spectrum of partnerships that enable us to source relevant investment products for the multitude of todays educated investors.

Our Approach

  • Our objective is to maximize every opportunity we present to our clients.
  • We strategically research all of our recommendations before proposing them to our clients and provide detailed entry and exit profiles on each investment vehicle.
  • Utilizing the experience gained by our researchers and advisors throughout their international investment careers allows us to present our opportunities in a clear and concise manner leaving the decision process of our clients far clearer than many are used too.
  • Our local and international market knowledge enables us to scrutinize every aspect of our business, ensuring quality advice at pertinent times, capitalizing on the best possible returns.

Investment Focus

Currently, our investment focus is primarily within the US equities sector. 2017 looks to offer many opportunities within these markets, both Blue Chip Corporations and Smaller Cap companies on indexes such as the Russell 2000, look to offer value this year given the new administration and plethora of positive policy changes expected to arrive throughout the year.

That being said, historically, our recommendations have been across several international markets and we pride ourselves in being able to provide investment advice that suits all levels of investor whilst incorporating key protocols that have continued to prove successful for our clients.

We will always look to acquire assets at a market discount where possible and this in turn increases client portfolio profit margins and reduces client risk.

For a better understanding of our Investment Focus, contact an experienced investment advisor today.

Investment Approach

At Falcon Financial Management, we look to harness our advisors experience within each specific field to garner a full perspective of any given investment vehicle. Once our Research and Analytical departments have thoroughly vetted an opportunity, after full scrutiny, it is then passed to our clients with a full entry and exit strategy along with a relevant risk assessment.

Our expertise and range of knowledge is enhanced by our access to the latest technology. This enables us to fully determine the cycle of an investment and this in allows us to accurately gauge the exposure necessary to make any given investment profitable.


Wealth Management

Our Advisors Have Access To Over 25,000 Financial Products Giving Our Clients The Ability To Diversify And Maximize Their Portfolios Regardless Of The Financial Climate.

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Costs & Tax Matters

Falcon Financial Management understands that costs are integral to the profitability of any investment. Managing costs, both on the front and back end of an investment vehicle can sometimes be just as important as the investment itself.

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Risk & Return

We Understand That There Can Be No Reward Without Some Element Of Risk. Our Duty To Our Clients Is To Mitigate The Risks To Fall In Line With Their Own Risk Tolerances.

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Strategic partners

We have worked hand in hand with multiple Financial Services providers to secure the best products available. Within the framework of our business strategy it is imperative that we keep abreast of the latest financial vehicles so that our clients benefit from choice, not just availability.

As an Independent Financial Advisory firm Falcon Financial Management does not receive payments for the products it presents to its clients, thereby, guaranteeing 100% impartiality, allowing our clients to follow our advice knowing it is with their best interests at the core.

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